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Getting to Know a Fashion Photographer’s Vision

Using the right photographer to articulate your fashion label and collection mood is essential to the eventual sales of any product.  It can elevate the message a fashion designer is trying to portray.  We spoke to our very own photographer Victor Low of Victorado Creative on how he likes to work with fashion brands and how he sees the world in light.



What are your favourite things to photograph and why?

I love photographing fashion, beauty and people in general.  I love to look into people’s eyes, they fascinate me.  As they say eyes are the window to the soul.  They tell a story and I love to capture that.


How hard is it to translate a brand into an image?  What do you do to help take the right photos?

It’s not hard when you understand what the brand is and do your homework.  However I believe a designer or client chooses you as their photographer in the first instance because they see something in your style that they relate to or adore.  But to take the right image you need to understand the brief from the client.  There needs to be great lighting and sometimes that means you need to create it.  You also need to provide great direction to the team on set, especially the model.  Team work and being open to opinions is also essential.


What’s the hardest thing about being a photographer?

Consistency and regular work is the hardest part.  It is the nature of the industry.  Sometimes you can be busy 7 days of the week and other times you have no work at all.  Unless you’re a well-known successful name who has made it then work would be a lot more consistent.


Do you have a favourite image you have ever taken?  Why is it important to you?

I haven’t got a favourite image of my own work yet.


What’s next for you? 

I’m looking forward to moving to London in 2020.  I’m going to explore photography there and collaborate with other creatives.  I’m meeting a very diverse group of artists overseas and this excites me and we will hopefully all learn from each other.