RAHA is not just a women’s clothing label, RAHA is a way of life.

My Two Essential Clothing Items

There really are only a couple of simple requirements that help me decide what I buy.  Aside from sustainability, the characteristics I look for are comfort and versatility.  Because clothes can be expensive, I need to get the most out of the pieces I own.  Here are my two picks that I like to keep in my wardrobe:


ONE: A pair of cotton tailored pants

A good pair of tailored pants can pretty much do anything.  They look effortlessly stylish and are so easy to take them from day to night, work to play.  All that decides their suitability to any situation is what you wear with them.  A pair of sneakers and tee and they are easy and casual.  A pair of heels and a blouse and they are sophisticated and professional.  

The cut of tailored pants being a little loose on the body with a tapered hem means they suit pretty much all body types.  I like to make sure they are cotton which keeps them extra comfortable all year round and very easy to care for.  Cool and breathable in summer and warm enough in winter, especially with boots.

I suggest a neutral block colour like black, navy, brown, olive or cream and they will literally suit any print or colour you can think of.  This style of pant has been around since the early 1900s, so they’ll be sticking around for quite some time still.



TWO: A mid length tunic top

The versatility of a good tunic top is endless.  If the length is right - I like halfway between my thigh and knee - then essentially you have both a dress and top.  Matching it as a top with jeans or pants gives me wear options all the way from shopping to work.  And as a dress on its own is so much fun.  Paired with a feature heel it’s the perfect party outfit.  Or even to throw on top of swimwear after a day of swimming.

Personally I prefer a block colour as that means many more options to wear it before people start to notice the “print yet again”.  My favourite fabric in tunic tops is either cotton or linen as these are so comfortable in summer keeping me cool and any perspiration at bay.  And for winter these tops look so stylish with a long line blazer.

I like to keep tunic tops with a sleeve such as cap, short or long as it ensures it as an option for work.  Some work places have a dress code and having that sleeve just guarantees another way to keep your work wardrobe interesting and versatile. 

Tunic tops also love accessories like belts or bum/fanny bags which are so personalised, and a great way to add your own touch to something so basic.