RAHA is not just a women’s clothing label, RAHA is a way of life.


RAHA is not just a women's clothing label, its a way of life!



Arabic (noun); comfort, rest, piece of mind and moments of leisure.

Swahili (adjective); happy and easy.

Urdu (pronoun); the art of doing nothing.

Hindi (adjective); to leave behind and find the quietness.


We design mindful pieces.  Designed for the planet and for your comfort. 
We care about what we do, the people who help us make our clothing and how we impact our world.  

Our vision is all about “Slow fashion”, that means limited styles and design evolution
that will help you create a capsule wardrobe to keep & reuse for many seasons to come.

And once you’ve loved your pieces for a long time, we’ll help you donate, gift on or recycle. 
All of our clothing is made from natural fibers so they return to the earth easily.


S H O P   N O W